Adopt an Animal
Do you enjoy the animals at Sarett Nature Center? Your favorite animals are looking for support from you! By adopting an animal you will help cover the costs of housing, feeding and caring for your favorite Sarett animal for one year. You will receive an adoption certificate with a picture of your animal.
Hershey the Rabbit
Corn Snake
Baby Snapping Turtle
Spike the Bearded Dragon Fox Snake Baby Spotted Turtle
Big Red the Screech Owl King Snake Leopard Gecko
  Black Rat Snake American Toad
  Eastern Garter Snake Tiger Salamander
Painted Turtle Spotted Salamander
Hissing Cockroach Florida Softshell Turtle Five-Lined Skink
Tarantula Snapping Turtle Green Frog
  Box Turtle  
  Red-eared Slider  

If you would like to adopt any of these animals, please send a check to:
Sarett Nature Center
2300 Benton Center Rd.
Benton Harbor, MI 49022


Be sure to include the following information:

Which animal(s) are you adopting________________________________

Adopted by:__________________________________________________


City:_________________________________ Zip Code:______________






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Our trails are open dawn to dusk every day.

Sarett Nature Center
2300 Benton Center Rd.
Benton Harbor, MI 49022                                  

Phone: (269)927-4832

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