Southwest Michigan is great for birders. Berrien County, on Lake Michigan's eastern shore, is a major flyway for migrating birds. Throughout the year an amazing variety of birds pass through our area. The Berrien County Checklist boasts over 300 species. Sarett is situated along the Paw Paw River valley. Our varied habitats attract a diverse group of birds. During spring and fall migrations our marshes host northern pintail, northern shoveler, blue and green-winged teal and tundra swans. Our woodlands shelter numerous thrushes and warblers as they travel through our area. In recent years sandhill cranes have begun nesting on our property. Bobolink, dickcissel, grasshopper, clay-colored and Henslow's have discovered our grasslands and prairie. Raptors seen at Sarett include American kesterel, bald eagle, northern harrier, Coopers and sharp-shinned hawks and barred, long-eared and saw-whet owls. Join us for our Spring Bird Class or on some of our birding adventures at Sarett. Check our Weekend Programs page to see what activities are coming up. For more birding opportunities in the area, visit The Berrien Birding Club. Click Here for information on more of our favorite birding areas in Southwest Michigan.




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